Building Plans

Here at the SC UU Justice Alliance, we aren't seeking a physical structure; we are building a relational infrastructure! Check out our goals and strategies for the first year of the network. Can we do it all? With your help we will do enough!

Goal 1: Build relationships among UUs & partners


  • Meet with UU social justice leads and partners

  • Relationship-building part of all events

  • Database of network leaders

  • Church meetings with justice and identity groups

  • Updates with story, reflection from those impacted and/or engaged in action

Goal 2: Amplify UU justice action across churches & partners


  • Publish monthly updates, news flashes

  • Raise awareness among churches

  • Meet with church leaders, marginalized identity groups and partners

  • Hold annual all-network meeting

  • Facebook, web and social media presence

Goal 3: Grow UU anti-oppressive capacity


  • Issue and skill workshops/training

  • Anti-oppression trainings led by people from historically marginalized groups

  • Action-reflection after events to promote critical consciousness

  • Develop Alliance process for identifying justice issues collectively and in solidarity with individuals and groups most impacted by injustice

Goal 4: Promote network leadership by people from groups experiencing injustice


  • Recruit for ongoing board of approx. 7 individuals using criteria seeking diversity, including potential advisory board

  • Cultivate just partnerships

  • Distribute network directory

  • Develop revenue for just wage and recruit new executive leadership

Goal 5: Promote UU engagement in SC justice action


  • Co/host action events with mini-trainings

  • Develop video to inspire involvement, contributions

  • Hold relational parts of meetings

  • Ensure events are maximally accessible

  • Disseminate rapid response survey

  • Other strategies for this goal are under Goal 1