DRUUMM Worship

SCUUJA is a proud co-sponsor of "You Can Count On This" DRUUMM Public Worship

May 4th, 2022

8:30 PM Eastern/ 5:30 PM Pacific


Rev. Tyler Coles, Guest Preacher

Dr. Zanaida Robles, Musical Artist

Faith can be both a guiding light and sustaining force throughout the course of one’s life. Yet in a world that is all too cruel and harsh, faith can be twisted, becoming instead a tool that fosters both isolation and a sense of underwhelm. What do we do when this happens for us as Unitarian Universalists? Come, let us gather in the fortifying spirit of love made known in community as we re-member ourselves, for ourselves, in the presence of all that we choose to name as Holy.

We are at a sensitive moment after two difficult years of pandemic and loss in our DRUUMM communities. Your witness and solidarity are greatly needed to help us thrive into the future. Our goal is to connect more deeply with our wider Unitarian Universalist community to share DRUUMM’s mission, highlight some of our key activities, and raise funds in support of expanding our chaplain and pastoral care work with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Unitarian Universalism.

For more information on the service and speakers, click here. DRUUMM is the Diverse & Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries, a UU People of Color organization. Learn more at

Medicaid Expansion Training Pt. 2

The Unitarian Church in Charleston will co-host a forum on Medicaid Expansion in SC, Pt 2 – March 23, 7 PM ET. This is the second session, in a 2-part series. For more information and to register, click here.

Action for Trans Liberation

On March 10, SCUUJA joined with SC United for Justice & Equality at the South Carolina State House. Find out more about the action here and follow links to get involved.

1st Social Justice

Leaders Meetup

Thank you to all who could join on Feb 22 for a fantastic beginning to the SC UU Justice Alliance! This was our first statewide justice leaders network meetup and we had over 40 participants from across the state. In case you missed the event and want to engage with UUs on statewide justice work, you can complete this online survey here. This will let us know who to connect you with, and how we may share your information.

New Issue Groups Forming

Out of the Feb 22 meeting, we have possible emerging justice issue groups in Education, Environmental Justice, Immigration & Support for DACA Recipients, Transgender* Justice, & Voter Rights & Access. Please complete this brief and secure online survey to indicate your interest in a group and allow us to connect you with other organizers!

UU Voices at the Capital

The South Carolina Legislature is considering several bills that would censor public education to prevent teaching history of slavery, Native American genocide, and the Holocaust. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe using knowledge and reason are essential creating a more just and humane world. We invited Unitarian Universalists and congregations/groups across the state to oppose passage of these bills. With 165 signatures and counting, this letter calls on South Carolina lawmakers to oppose these dangerous bills and ensure the betterment of society, not through denial and violence, but through dialogue and accurate education. Read more in our February newsletter here

New Challenges, New Opportunities

The new year is off to a full start, full of many pressing needs and new hopes, too. One pressing need you can act on right now is voting rights. Check out UU the Vote for details and to take action.

We will need one another for support and inspiration this year! This is why we are so excited to join you and other social justice leaders at our first statewide Social Justice Leaders Meetup on Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022 from 7 to 8:30 PM ET via Zoom. Register Here for the Zoom meeting

Check out to full January e-news here (note some links may not work).

Defend Our Democracy

On January 6, 2022, SC UU Justice Alliance representative Rev. Dr. Pippin Whitaker spoke to a crowd gathered at the South Carolina State House. Check out the video to recall the significance of Jan 6 and recommit to defending democracy!

Press Coverage here at this link!

December: Ready to Launch

SCUUJA is gearing up and ready to launch! Check out the December e-news here for more on: Visits to a congregation near you; Profile of a justice leader; Updates from across the state; and more!

November: Grant Awarded

We got the grant! A call to action! And more new developments. Check out the November news here.

SCUUJA e-update 2021-10.pdf

October: New Beginning

Forming a SC UU Justice Alliance, what is this all about?