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CenSorship bills Stopped!!

This is cause for celebration! The House censorship bill H.5183, and it's kin, is gone for the year, thanks to all your efforts--almost 200 signatures on our letter, countless calls and emails to legislators, and advocacy at the State House. Let's take a moment to bask in this accomplishment and recharge our sense of hope in collective possibilities!

At SCUUJA, we remain cautiously optimistic and vigilant. This is a win with some nuance. There are ways either chamber could try to sneak censorship (or worse) language into another bill or budget proviso. We have watched as other states have done so even at in the final hour of the legislative session. Our partners at the statehouse will be monitoring the situation closely. But for now, again, we are cautiously optimistic!

PHONE & TExt April 5:


This has been a rollercoaster week at the capital as we speed toward the legislative "crossover" deadline next Thursday. The anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ+ bills are progressing, but we have made progress on the anti-truth bills! Check out the bill details below for updates.

There is reason to hope. We've made some progress, and showing up for justice is giving hope to the people who are hurt most by these bills.

So, let's keep pushing and show up for justice in South Carolina next week! We need massive support on April 5 to call and text SC constituents and encourage them to call their legislators to stop these bills! We'll also have a chance to call our own legislators.

We hope to see you there!

Sign up below for April 5 @ 12 PM ET (pick Tuesday option and say "April 5" in comments).

Phone Calls March 28 & 29 to stop anti-truth bills!

We have a brief window of opportunity: the House Education and Public Works Committee will discuss all five anti-truth bills this Tuesday, with no public testimony allowed.

If we can help just TWO Representatives understand how dangerous and unnecessary these bills are, and get them to vote no, then we can stop these bills in their tracks!

Can you take a moment and call at least two representatives on the committee today or tomorrow? Here's how:

- Call as many of the Representatives listed here as you can. Phone numbers included. Call script optional.

- Review our UU sign-on letter for talking points (on file as testimony).

- Make your calls Monday (all day) or Tuesday (before 2 pm) this week. Ask the Representatives to vote NO on any anti-Truth / anti-CRT bills including H.4325, H.4343, H.4392, H.4605, H.4799

We are working closely with our partners at the South Carolina for Truth in Education Coalition who are working to stop these bills. We are heartened that together, our voices cannot be ignored and we can protect truth in education for South Carolina!

UU Conscience on Anti-CRT Bills


The South Carolina Legislature is considering at least six (6) bills that would dangerously curtail the ability of educators to teach accurate knowledge of history, including our history of slavery, Native American Genocide, the Holocaust, among other topics.

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe using accurate knowledge and reason are essential to people's ability to create a more just and humane world. We invite you to sign on to the attached letter, calling on South Carolina lawmakers to oppose these dangerous bills and ensure the betterment of society, not through denial and violence, but through dialogue and accurate education.

To have your name added, please email our name, city, state, and any UU congregation or group you are part of to Simply note that you want your signature added to the letter opposing anti-truth bills.


The SCUUJA education group is promoting the recommended actions coming from the Truth in Education SC Coalition:

  1. Call your representatives on the House Education Committee to inform them your opposed House Bills 4325, 4343, 4392, 4605, and 4799. Representatives on the Committee, with links to their district and bill sponsorship, can be located here at this link.

  1. For folks who would be willing to testify in Columbia, email to let her know they would like to testify at the next possible meeting on the bills mentioned above. The Chairwoman has said multiple times that everyone who wants to testify will be heard, so folks who receive a rejection should absolutely let us know,

  1. For folks who are uncomfortable or unable to come to the statehouse, this letter requests Zoom testimony.

  1. For folks who own businesses/non profits, the Coalition has a sign on letter, where they can voice their opposition to the bills' (H. 4605 and H. 4799) imposition on creation of corporate culture.

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